Alex Rushton – The Technician


Guitarist, Singer and Song Writer; Alex has been playing for over 15 years, tutored on Electric Guitar by Kay Batory through secondary school Alex then fell in love with playing acoustic guitar. He has developed his own blend of playing styles covering a fusion of different genres; jazz; rock; folk; pop and fingerstyle. His sometimes complex guitar/rhythmic playing compliments his smooth Bass/Baritone vocals, often singing bass harmonies to enrich the unique sound of Rushwood & Co.

As well as playing the guitar and singing, Alex has also picked up the Banjo and percussion, he enjoys the challenge. Alex plays a tenor Banjo in non standard Plectrum banjo tuning which further adds to the contemporary sound of the group.

Alex’s influences include Andy McKee, Tommy Emmanuel, Brent Mason, Newton Faulkner, Mumford & Sons among others. Alex lives for Music and there is nothing he loves more than playing the guitar or performing live in front of a welcoming crowd.

Alex has the Pleasure of Owning and Playing a customised Ayers Auditorium Acoustic Guitar emblazoned with his initial and pronoun ‘With No Risk, Comes No Reward’ which has sentimental meaning to him.